Using Personality Assessments to Enhance Communication with Anna Masker

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Anna Masker joins Mike Michalowicz, Ron Saharyan, and Chris Curran to share some insight on using D.I.S.C Personality Assessments to enhance communication in the workplace. Learn how to change the world of your clients and your business by managing and leveraging different personalities. Ron talks about the primacy effect in this week’s Psychology of the Sale segment, and Mike’s GMAP NOW Task expands on adjusting your communication style. Welcome to Episode 20 of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast!

Our Guest 

Anna Masker Swearing she would never do another Journal Entry after Accounting 101 in college, Anna Masker somehow found herself with a 20-year career in Accounting and Finance which she then leveraged to build a successful business in that very fiel.  Realizing that many small business owners despised accounting as much as she had but, more importantly, lacked a deep understanding of their financial statements and the valuable information contained within, Anna started a company to serve the small and midsized business market.  Today, Anna enjoys sharing her passion for metrics and numbers and her firm, Profit Point Consulting, provides CFO/Advisory and Accounting support to growing small businesses.   Eight years later, six team members strong and over a hundred business owners helped, Profit Point Consulting is one of the few woman-owned CFO/Controller and Bookkeeping businesses in New Jersey.   Today Profit Point serves small service companies typically $2-$20MM in revenue as their outsourced accounting, finance and strategic departments.   Her firm goes beyond the traditional role of finance as “scorekeeper” to become their client’s trusted advisor, helping them to develop their long-term vision for their firms and then ensuring they have the people, processes and finances in place to execute that vision.  Whether they are handling the daily financial transactions, managing cash flow or laying out the 3-5 year strategic plan, Profit Point’s focus is always on the bigger picture, emphasizing profitability, proactivity, and plain talk. Prior to starting Profit Point, Anna worked for some of the biggest companies in the country such as General Electric, Pfizer and Sprint where she held various positions supporting departments from Sales to Operations to Manufacturing.  Anna is a Six Sigma Greenbelt, she received an MBA in Management and Marketing from New York University, a BS from Manhattan College and was a finalist for the NJ Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur Award. She is a voracious reader, self-proclaimed podcast junkie, and mom & chauffer to two kids and biggest fan of her nationally-ranked triathlete husband.  In the little downtime she has, she loves venturing out with her silent running partner, her dog, Gypsy.

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