How to Grow Your Practice in a Rural Area with Dr. Sabrina Starling

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This week, Dr. Sabrina Starling discusses how you recruit talent when owning a rural business and provides a step by step strategy. You have to find “A Players” (there’s usually only 10% of them in your area’s population). Sabrina also noted that “A Players” are not looking for jobs because they are already gainfully employed (because they’re A Players!). Instead, seek out references to “A Players” and start networking with them. There’s one “A Player” in every company and it’s YOU (the owner). Always be recruiting throughout the entirety of your business. This segment also includes bonus materials exclusively available to our Profit First Professional Members. Welcome to Episode 22 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

Our Guest 

Sabrina Starling

Dr. Sabrina Starling, The Business PsychologistTM, is the author of the soon-to-be-released book, How to Hire the Best: The Rural Small Business Owner’s Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top-Performing Employees. The strategies Dr. Sabrina teaches work consistently across industries, even for business owners who have struggled for years being understaffed.

Dr. Sabrina recognizes that employee problems can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks for any business owner.  With her background in psychology, and years of driving profit in small businesses, Dr. Sabrina knows what it takes to find, keep and get exceptional performance out of your biggest investment–your employees. Access her 5 Secrets to Exceptional Employee Performance (her gift to you!) at

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