Value and Fixed Based Pricing with Wendy Knutson

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This week we do a deep exploration into value based and fixed based pricing. We learn the unique interview strategy that you need to follow with your clients from the get-go in order know how to provide services for them, as well as determining how well your clients are prepared for value based pricing. We dig into the 3 core variables that determine your pricing model including the volume of business you’ll be doing with the client, the level of communication you have to have with them, and the complexity of the work. Additionally we get familiar with the 3-stage pricing model where you offer your highest offering (world class), secondary offering (premium), and then the lowest offering (basic) and explain why most customers will migrate to the premium based pricing when you model it this way. This week’s Pshychology of the Sale covers “the decoy” and a GMAP-Now task of reverse sequencing. Welcome to Episode 26 of Grow My Accounting Practice!  

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Wendy KnutsonWendy Knutson ​has over 30 years of accounting experience and received her CPA license in Texas in 2008​.​ ​A​ QuickBooks user since the 1990’s and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Wendy ​served a two year term as one of 15 members of Intuit’s Accountant & Advisor Customer Council​ from 2012-2014. ​This gave her insight into the software and a hand in its development. Wendy started Knutson CPA in Southlake in 2010 with the vision of providing responsive, forward-thinking accounting services. Knutson CPA currently has 11 professionals on its team and serves a variety of small to mid-size businesses. The firm has won many awards including the 2015 Firm of the Future Award from Intuit. In 2015, Knutson CPA became a Certified Profit First Professional firm, one of only three in Texas. This designation allows Knutson CPA to guide business owners on the journey to increasing their profits. Wendy, and her husband, Dan have two adult daughters and live in Keller, Texas. In her spare time, Wendy enjoys knitting.  

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