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This week, Mike Michalowicz, Ron Saharyan, and Chris Curran explore niche specialization with online niche specialist Josh Bauerle. Josh shares some amazing tips, and here’s two of the powerful takeaways you need to know: first of all, if you want to break into a niche Josh suggests to offer the biggest influencer in that community free service. This is not a cost, it is a marketing expenditure; when you’re working with the number 1 person, you can tell the rest of the world you are working with them AND that person may refer you to other opportunities. Tip number two: produce videos! Share the “how to” of what you do for your community, and while it sounds like you’re giving away the steps for people to do it themselves, they don’t have the time to do so… but now they trust you (simply because you showed them how to do it) and therefore they are more likely to hire you. That and MANY more powerful tips on Episode 30 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

Our Guest 

Josh is the founder of CPA On Fire, a tax and accounting firm working exclusively with online entrepreneurs.  He works with some of the top online entrepreneurs in the world, including John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire and has the most watched tax videos on YouTube, a fact he makes fun of himself for daily.  Josh was able to grow his practice from $0 to over six figures in less than two years working entirely online with no physical office.

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2 thoughts on “Niche Specialization with Josh Bauerle”

  1. Hi there, I’ve been listening to your podcasts on and off for several weeks and have just started to read/listen to Profit First. I am so happy and excited for the future success of my business. I’ve just graduated with a Masters in Accountancy and started working on my business at a more full-time level in January. I feel overwhelmed with all of the information, great information, that has been, and will continue to be very beneficial for me and my business, but I keep losing my focus and feel like I’m jumping around from one great bit of advice I find to another and my head is starting to spin! Now that I have started reading Profit First, I think I can find my focus by starting to follow the Profit First model and applying it to my business. I just wanted to say thank you for that and I truly do appreciate all you do. I hope that, after I have been in business for one year and have established a client base, I can become a Profit First Professional.

    As for this episode in particular, I love how Josh found his niche, I’ve been struggling with narrowing one down for myself, and I’d love to write a letter as you have suggested, but I feel like during my research in the last year to find everything I need to know to start a successful accounting business, I’ve found so many influencers that I’d love to send this letter to so, for now, I decided to start here by thanking all of you for sharing your answers, and I look forward to working with you one day soon!

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