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Kristen Goldstein grew an accounting firm that doubled in size 4 years in a row – and then hit a brick wall where business stopped growing. Kristen found that there are certain strategies you must follow  to scale your business efficiently and effectively, including hiring from the millennial generation, the use of technology, and most importantly, realizing in yourself that what got you to this point will not get you to the next level… you yourself need to change and grow. This episode’s GMAP-Now task focuses on a method to quickly analyze where you’re spending time and how to re-assign it, as well as another fantastic Psychology of the Sale segment with Obi-Ron-Kenobi. Welcome to Episode 32 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

Our Guest 

Kristen Goldstein Kristen Koh Goldstein is the CEO of Scalus and Chairwoman of BackOps. Kristen started BackOps in 2010 both to seize the market opportunity presented by the SMB market and to prove once and for all that motherhood and career are compatible. After growing BackOps into one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in America, she forged in 2013 with institutional backing from several investors including Sherpa Ventures, eVentures, Google Ventures, and HVF Labs, to build Scalus, a SaaS workflow management and collaboration tool. Scalus is software that solves the communication, collaboration, and workflow needs of a workforce and empowers a team to onboard quicker while automating tasks. Together, Kristen’s projects are changing the face of tech and SMB operations. Prior to Scalus and BackOps, Kristen was an investment analyst for Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse covering the software industry. She was also the CFO of Loyalty Lab (now Tibco) and Director Finance of Epinions (now eBay), where she developed a deep expertise in financial operations.

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