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This week we discover the step by step methodology to set up your email as a marketing tool.  LeeAnn Webster discusses software and methodology practices for developing and collecting a list of prospects, and how to nurture and build that list to make appropriate offers to them.  Welcome to Episode 48 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

Our Guest 

LeeAnnWebster (big)

LeeAnn Marie Webster is the creator of Totally Telesummits.

LeeAnn is a lawyer, coach and entrepreneur with almost 20 years experience in marketing and business development in a range of industries.

She’s naturally gifted in processes and makes the “techy” stuff easy.

Her passion is helping coaches, speakers and authors grow and monetize their mailing lists, so they can bring their message to a broader audience and grow their tribe.

LeeAnn has been featured in The Huffington Post, WGN Radio, Los Angeles Times and various national and local media outlets.

She is a runner and triathlete who recently participated in her first full Ironman® event. In addition, she just completed a year-long road trip around the US, putting the mobility of her business to the test!

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Website: (The Ultimate Telesummit Checklist)

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