A Guide to Becoming a Strategic Adviser with Roger P. Jacobi

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Today Roger Jacobi joins us as we investigate the 3 major categories you can start looking at today to start giving proactive advice to your clients; they include: mis-categorization, inventory, and margin leak. By looking at these 3+ categories in this episode we discuss how to position yourself as a strategic adviser and generate revenue. Welcome to Episode 67 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

Our Guest 

roger-jacobi Roger is a successful entrepreneur who has created several businesses from the ground up, with focus on the healthcare industry. Since the late 1980s, he has focused on management and leadership of day-to-day operations, sales and marketing, financial performance and customer service, giving him the skills to run an effective business. His key to success is surrounding himself with other accomplished individuals and learning from their experiences. Throughout his career, he has not only focused on clients, but employees as well. Roger believes creating an environment that motivates people to work and building strong teams is essential in any business. Roger applies his knowledge and experience to developing a product that delivers results to business owners. Prior to his CEO role at Fiscal Advantage, he was president at ExitCare in Woodbury, Minn., for 14 years, growing a software start-up to over $10 million in revenue. Roger also teaches entrepreneurship and small business management as an adjunct professor at University of Northwestern  St. Paul. He received his MBA in marketing and finance from the University of Michigan.

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Website: www.FiscalCheckup.com 

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2 thoughts on “A Guide to Becoming a Strategic Adviser with Roger P. Jacobi”

  1. FAT DADDY FAT BACK, you guys crack me up and I love it! Great episode, no surprise, they are all awesome sauce! I just started working with my very first client and although he hired me via upwork just to get him caught up with his books, I want to be able to give him some valuable feedback as well. He says he already has an accountant but the fact that his books are not up to date makes me wonder if he is doing his own income tax returns, so the advice I am taking away today gives me some great ways to approach this with him in hopes of gaining his trust and ultimately his business for all his bookkeeping and accounting needs. You guys have THE BEST senses of humor, not easily found in this industry, and that’s what I love the most, I totally get you!!!! Thank you for all you do! Love both podcasts and all of your books! I’m not yet qualified to become a profit first professional, but I will be one day very soon! Now I’m off to figure out how to implant that American flag into my screen with your website, lol!!! FAT DADDY FAT BACK FOR PRESIDENT-

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