Erika Segal: The Importance Of Customer Service In Accounting

Show Summary At the end of the day, we find that most accounting professionals do their work as expected, but what keeps clients coming back is the ease, customer service, and experience they receive. In this episode, Erika Segal talks about how digital has become king in both the personal and professional world. In the professional world, businesses have found that making the switch to digital has not only helped significantly improve their workflow but net more profit as a result. More work is getting done, meaning more revenue opportunities have come along with it.
She also shares about other payment processors and the CPACharge’s life support which is one of the features their customers appreciate most.
Think of yourself as a consumer – do you feel excited about a brand when there is a robot on the other end of the line? Or when you send a message to a chat box and it’s a robot vs a real person?
  Erika Segal is the Associate Brand Manager for CPACharge. Erika loves sharing strategies on payment solutions and teaching professionals how to make their firm the best it can be. She has experience in communications, marketing, and customer service spanning over ten years.   Website:

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