Erin Longmoon: Recruit the Employee You’ve Always Wanted

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The world’s greatest employees are ready, willing and able to work for your business, the key is finding them. Erin Longmoon shares the special CULTURE technique for finding and keeping the best people at your accounting or bookkeeping firm.

Our Guest

Erin is now championing her fifth business, Zephyr Recruiting LLC. Mirroring Erin’s personality, Zephyr is a disruption in the recruiting industry, leading with the human element by finding the right match for clients beyond skills listed on a resume. Most recruiters say they source top talent, but Zephyr knows this model doesn’t work, because it inst about Top Talent, it is about the right fit for employer and candidate alike – Zephyr is the eHarmony of recruiting. Erin is driven by her mission of eradicating toxic workplaces in the small business community.


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