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On this episode we talk with Lynn Mattice. One of the big challenges that accountants and bookkeepers face, often do to their introversion, is the being confident in themselves.  Lynn walks us through her ways in finding confidence in herself, some tips for you to do the same and as a result grow a practice that you can be proud of, dictate a massive premium and walk into any room extremely confident. Welcome to episode 169 of the Grow My Accounting Practice.

Our Guest 

I grew up in Connecticut and went to college at University of Florida. My guidance counselor in high school told me to be an accountant or go in to computers. I wanted to be a teacher. I am now all three!
Back in 1999 when I was a single mom of two young children, working 60 hour work weeks, I decided that there had to be a better way to work, be happy and help people. I decided that I needed a new boss, me.
I took the leap of faith in October 1999 and have never looked back. I have been able to learn, teach, grow and help people. And, of course, be my own boss! This leap also showed my children that hard work and dedication with passion leads to a happy and successful business entrepreneur.
With over 35 years experience in accounting (including CPA firms), I have a great understanding of accounting. I have always been involved from the ground up, starting with the bookkeeping and payroll and reconciling, all the way through audits for my non profit clients.
I have been a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor with Intuit for 17 years. I am also certified in QuickBooks Online. I offer more than just bookkeeping, I also provide accounting consulting. Being a Certified Profit First Professional enables me to teach my clients how to become more profitable from the first day of implementation.
My firm has helped hundreds of small to medium sized businesses over the past 16 years. My bookkeepers are also Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors in both desktop and Online.

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