Frank DeBenedetto: Profit First in a Start-Up (3 Years Later…)

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Frank DeBenedetto shares his story and experiences, three years after starting his newest venture and how his company are successful, making good money and have made sound financial decisions, all due to the Profit First system and methodologies. Follow his first-hand account of what it means to implement Profit First from day one.

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Frank DeBenedetto has spent the past two decades passionately helping business owners navigate the complex world of technology. Frank is the founding partner of audIT Sales Presentation System – a SaaS based application that allows IT managed service providers to more easily sell their solutions to the SMB marketplace. He has always been determined to keep pace with modern technology and, today, that path has led him to become a highly sought after expert in the area of cloud computing.


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  • Nextiva – VOIP phone providers for small businesses and fully integrated CRM


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