Geraldine Carter: How CPAs Can Get Down to 40 Hours

Show Summary
In this episode, Geraldine Carter, an expert coach for CPAs, shares six common characteristics of successful clients. Firstly, they prioritize creating value for their services, ensuring profitability and client satisfaction. They also excel at pricing effectively, delivering services efficiently, and maintaining a clear mindset. Additionally, successful clients focus on decreasing production time and safeguarding quiet time for reflection and strategic planning. By embodying these traits, they transform their practices into thriving businesses.
Geraldine Carter coaches overworked single-owner CPAs to reduce their workload to 40 hours without sacrificing revenue. Her clients typically cut 10 hours from their workweek in just 4 months, transforming their practices into ones they love. Additionally, her podcast, “Business Strategy for CPAs,” boasts over 100,000 downloads and ranks in the top ten podcasts for CPAs by Apple Podcasts. Geraldine, holding a BS in Engineering from Cornell University, also co-founded and serves as CFO of a company where her cash flow forecasting models have generated millions for climate change efforts. In her free time, she enjoys mountain biking forested trails or chasing her two small children in her hometown of Ketchum, ID.  
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