Geraldine Carter: The Reckoning Accountants and Bookkeepers are Facing with Automation

Show Summary “Strategy is more important than compliance.” In today’s episode, Geraldine Carter discusses the strategies to approach different automation or technology tools business owners use to run their businesses. She also shares how automation will change the face of the “job” from accounting-facing to client-facing. The importance of emotional intelligence and mindset in being an advertiser is emphasized in this podcast episode. Geraldine also talks about pricing services. Don’t forget to leave your comments below, and listen to today’s episode!         Geraldine Carter is the founder of She Thinks Big Coaching, where she helps CPAs get out of the accounting rut. Her clients routinely double their margins in 6 months or less while working fewer hours. Geraldine holds a BS in Engineering from Cornell University. She is the co-founder and CFO of a company whose cash flow forecasting models resulted in millions of dollars for climate change efforts. In her free time, she can be found mountain biking forested trails or running after her two small children in her hometown of Ketchum, ID.   Websites: LinkedIn:

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