Recapturing Your Money with Geraldine Carter

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There is a lot of money sitting  in plain sight in your business.  Geraldine Carter joins us to explain how you can rapidly reveal money to your firm that, in fact, is already there. Listen in on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast.

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From co-founding Climate Ride in 2008 and scaling the socially-conscious company to a seven-figure budget, to finishing an Ironman in 12 hours, to coaching accountants on how to achieve their own lofty goals, Geraldine loves finding practical, straight-forward solutions to daunting challenges. She is an ICF accredited Associate Certified Coach and host of the She Thinks Big podcast. Geraldine combines her 10+ years of business experience and 800 hours of mindfulness training to guide her clients with both brain and heart. She helps women-business owners with vision, strategy, and planning so they can create financially successful and deeply fulfilling businesses, and achieve more than they thought possible.

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