Getting Lifetime Value from Your Clients with Mark Coudray

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“The definition of a client is someone that puts themselves under your protection.” says our guest Mark Coudray, who shares his methods for turning customers into clients. Learn how to identify and monetize the lifetime value for your business, on this episode of The Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast.

Our Guest

Recognized and awarded internationally as a premiere thought leader and business optimization strategist, Mark Coudray’s passion in life is finding and developing better ways of doing things and implementing them so others can excel to their full potential. This knowledge has been shared globally in more than 500 published feature articles, columns, research pieces, and white papers.

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  • Receipt-Bank – Software and service to make the gathering, storage & processing of bills, receipts and invoices as easy and as cost effective as possible for businesses.
  • Nextiva – VOIP phone providers for small businesses.


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