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Get your business to run on automatic.  It is the dream of so many but the failure point of so many more. Rosie gives us the simple processes and steps to take to have your business finally run on automatic episode 156 of the GMAP Podcast.

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Rosies background derives from corporate entertainment and creative companies. She has experience working as an Office Manager and Executive PA in various London organizations. Some of the clients she worked with included well-known companies, like Fenwick and Harrods (UK). Being the first point of contact in a company, Rosie had managed, organized and represented organizations, fashion shows and exhibitions. Rosies ability in understanding the technical aspects of running a business and to solve problems relating to IT and automation is one of her strengths. The motto that she lives by in work and life is: For every problem, a solution already exists. She believes that leveraging technology is paramount in ensuring freedom and success in business. After the sudden death of her fiance, where he went to sleep healthy one night and didn’t wake up the next morning, Rosie’s interest in the spiritual deepened. The experience of losing her loved one in such an unexpected manner made her realise that she has spent most of her life doing things she should be doing rather than things she wanted to do. This propelled her to open her own business so she can spend more time with her daughter and live the life on her own terms. She now works as a Systems & Automation Strategist helping coaches, authors and spiritual entrepreneurs worldwide get rid of technology overwhelm and uplevel their business by designing automated systems that promote maximum productivity and accelerated growth.

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