Giovana (Gigi) Bier: How Creatives and Innovators Can Step Out of the “Starving Artist” Mindset by Leveraging Profit First in Their Businesses

Show Summary In this episode, Gigi Bier talks about why people struggle with their values and desires. She also discusses some mistakes she has seen people working with creatives make and how she helped the creatives step out of the mindset of a “starving artist.” Profit First had a significant impact on Gigi. She expresses in this episode her Profit First thoughts and experiences when she became a member and how she shares with her customers about it. Leave your comments below and share your thoughts about this episode!     Gigi Bier is the founder and CEO of My Cats And Me Bookkeeping. She’s the ultimate classy cat lady, and she thinks that numbers [and money] can be FUN! Gigi helps creative entrepreneurs translate the story their numbers tell to make smarter and more intentional business decisions. She helps entrepreneurs not only redefine their relationship with money, but she also helps them design a business that sustains their lifestyle. Feline values are the core of MC+M, and those values are: saying no to what doesn’t serve you, asking for what you want (and deserve), prioritizing self-care and sunshine. We can all BE MORE CAT and add a sprinkle of CATNIP™ (Complete Abundant Transformation by Nurturing Intentional Profit) in our lives.   Websites: Instagram:

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