Greg Winteregg: Hiring To Replace Yourself

With deep sadness, we bring you this episode with Greg Winteregg, who passed away on July 13th, 2021, shortly after we recorded this GMAP podcast. He leaves behind an incredible legacy that shaped the lives of many who were blessed to have crossed his path and committed much of his life to helping businessmen and women grow their businesses into flourishing and prospering endeavors.   Show Summary Greg has been getting a lot of traction with their clients helping them with the concept of “hiring to replace yourself.” He was semi-retired at age 38 from his dental practice and made more money working part-time than full-time. And he replaced himself throughout his various business ventures. He thinks that it is a significant point to make. He now says that “I specialize in replacing myself.” In this episode, Greg shares how he could do that multiple times in different industries by doing the following stated below.
  • I must have the total intention of replacing myself and not just be paying lip service.  
  • I must know the process inside and out, then create a system that the average employee can use.  
  • Create gradient steps of training going from the easiest things to do to the most difficult. Graduate them to the following levels of competence with a raise in pay and responsibility.
  • Find a candidate interested in the functions of that position, train them on the basics, and supervise them into competence.
  • Be willing for them to do it incorrectly while learning how to do it correctly.
    Greg Winteregg is an internationally recognized speaker, management consultant, and now author. After retiring from his first career at age 38, he became a partner at one of the top management training firms in North America, where he was able to help increase revenue 18X over. Greg has presented over 2,000 lectures to tens of thousands of professionals and business owners. He has a unique ability to teach management, leadership, and sales in a way that produces accurate results in the real world. He is currently involved in running four different companies and loves every minute of it. So naturally, his book, Fun at Work, lays out the exact methods he used that have allowed him to take on so much success and enjoy what he does every single day.   Website:

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