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Welcome to Episode 28 of Grow My Accounting Practice! This week Andy North joins Mike Michalowicz, Ron Saharyan, and Chris Curran, to discuss the method behind content marketing and why you need to focus on building relationships; it’s all about identifying the community you’re contributing to – and to honestly and genuinely contribute to them. We also talk about different personalities… how you can be the big voice in the room, but you can also be the silent influencer who persuades people through your informative and intelligent writing. We ALSO discuss different platforms you can use to get out yourself out there, and we share a killer GMAP Now task that shows you how to instantly position yourself as an authority in your industry with very little work.  

Our Guest 

Andy North is the publisher of – the leading online community for practicing accountants in the US.  He’s been with AccountingWEB since 2001 (spending most of that time running the UK version ( and seen the profession adapt and evolve through some massive changes in that time. Andy’s passion is helping businesses develop intelligent, content based marketing – a technique that applies to anyone looking to ‘earn’ relationships rather than simply to demand them.  

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