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This week, Mike and Chris deep dive into hiring talent for your company with David Wolfskehl. Welcome to Episode 7 of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast!  

Our Guest 

IMG_0099 Whitman Business Advisors is a national consulting practice that focuses solely on increasing net partner profitability in CPA firms nationwide.  We accomplish this through our 6 pack plus of services with include M and A, Talent acquisition and training and coaching. WBA has been recognized by Inside Public Accounting as a top ten recommended consultant. David is the author  The Micro Niche Method – which is focused on helping CPA’s increase their profitability and growth. David is a nationally recognized serial entrepreneur.  He is married with two children  David began his career in the printing industry, eventually running one of the largest quick-printing operations in New Jersey. After successfully selling his business in 2005, David began offering workshops on unlocking the power of your employees. He also started Networking4connections, a consulting firm focused on teaching professionals how to win opportunities to promote their business to A clients. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona.  

Show Quotes 

David runs his business with a team… it’s not one person doing many things; it’s the right expertise for the right opportunity for their clients. Think strategically – what make’s you special? Make your clients excited about what you do and ensure that there is a future for their business. Part of your role as a leader (whether you’re a bookkeeper or an accountant) is to be in your accounting community so that you are known and that people are attracted to you and your organization. Be active in linked in group, get involved in your local state society. The benefit doesn’t come from joining… the benefit comes from being involved or engaged. If you are looking to hire a bookkeeper to work within your company, it is possible to hire someone who is not necessarily involved in the bookkeeping industry. If they fit your company’s culture, they can be trained. Talent is looking for that work/life balance. They want to see that there is opportunity for them to grow. The best talent are also looking for a position that stimulates their minds. Personality Assessments are very helpful – the determine a person’s attitude and values/communication style. Many people fail in the interview because they don’t fit the culture and don’t have the attitude for the organization. Profile the best people you already have on your staff, and use their results as a guideline for new hires. Start with a phone interview, then do the assessment early in the process. Only do a full, in person interview with the best candidates. It’s all about making the right fit. If you make a hiring mistake statistics say it costs you about a half a year to 2 years of salary for every wrong hire you make. A rockstar employee will more than likely find additional projects within the organization that the B level employees are not going to see. They will also have a hire retension rate with their clients, and they take up much less of the manager’s time! Hiring one rockstar at $80K (for example) will be more beneficial in the long run than hiring two B level employees at $50K.  

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