Hilary Hendershott: The Profits Pyramid

Show Summary Being a Profit First Professional as a Profits coach, the name is something everyone recognizes and it gives her the credibility and makes that introduction to new potential clients easier. For most business owners, life is overwhelming. You have staffing, hiring, training, customers, customer problems, marketing, but you have to reserve a portion of your calendar to be proactive. This is where your profit generating retains and reviews come into place. Learn more about this from Hilary in this episode of Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast.
Hilary Hendershott is the founder of Hendershott Wealth Management. She started Hendershott Wealth Management in 2014 where her team and her provide profit consulting and wealth management services for high-net-worth women and couples. She helped women across the U.S. protect and grow their wealth while reducing – or even eliminating – their financial stress. She is also proud to be the lead consultant for Money Blueprint®, their transformational program that empowers business owners to fully understand the exact numbers driving their business forward.
She is the host of the Profit Boss® Radio podcast where she gets to share interviews and insight with actually actionable advice to help you in your financial journey.She is also a TEDx speaker and regularly featured in the Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, FOX, DailyWorth, Forbes, and Investopedia.
Hilary was recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and Investopedia has named her one of the Top 100 Most Influential Advisors in the US the past five years.​ After more than 30 television appearances, NBC gave her the nickname “The Investor’s Voice of Reason” as their go-to personal finance expert in Silicon Valley.
While she is an MBA from Santa Clara University and she is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Her husband Robert and her adore their daughter Harlyn who recently overcame childhood leukemia. Now she’s living a normal, healthy childhood and they are able to spend time as a family at their homes in California and the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. They are loving life and see a bright future where they see people prospering, the world is thriving, and financial freedom is everywhere.
Website: https://www.hendershottwealth.com https://www.moneyblueprintprogram.com https://www.instagram.com/hilary.hendershott https://www.facebook.com/hilaryhendershott Corporate Partner:

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