How to Have Fun at Work with Nat Measley

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Nat explains how having more fun at work actually results in growth and a stronger organization.  He gives some practical tips including the idea that you don’t need to have these massive fun events.  You can do quick 15 minute bursts of fun and grow retention, improve the environment of the office and have your employees loving their work.  Which all means more growth and more profit. Welcome to Episode 157 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

Our Guest 

Nat Measley, MPA is a proven and successful entrepreneur with a history of designing, building and implementing an organizational process. He is an experienced and exceptional public speaker, facilitator, and teacher with a strong background in leadership in higher education, business and entertainment. As the Global Director of Training and Development for The Fun Dept., Nat works directly with executives, decision-makers and HR professionals to develop plans and paths focused on employee engagement and education, tied directly to specific business-outcomes and goals.

He has been working for 11-years.

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