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On this episode we talk with Shane Lukas. What if your employees were as driven, passionate, and committed to your business as you, the owner? Well, you can do exactly that, according to Shane Lukas, if you simply know the process of igniting the passion within your employees and have your company purpose align with their own. Shane explains the steps to getting there and, by the end of this episode, you’ll be ready to have employees energized like never before.

Our Guest 

Since the early 90s, Shane Lukas has worked with a variety of businesses putting systems and processes in place that improve the overall efficiency and productivity of those businesses.

Since 1998, Shane has been part of AVN and the Managing Director of the business since 2007, helping accountants build a stronger, more successful, and profitable practice and helping them deliver much greater value to the business owners they work with; helping their business owner clients run much more profitable, successful, and enjoyable businesses and, importantly, regain control of their lives to give accountants a much greater sense of purpose.

Shane Lukas is author of Amazon No 1 best seller What’s Next For Accountants: How to turn the biggest threat facing the profession in to your biggest opportunityThe Business Owners Guide to the UKs Best Accountancy Practices, a book that describes how AVN Accountants can deliver significantly more value than traditional accountants, and co-author of The Worlds Most Inspiring Accountants, a book which demonstrates the life changing impact accountants can have on their clients by simply spending more valuable time with them.

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