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Mission-driven businesses need to be profitable too. As Ingrid Heilke says, you have to put your oxygen mask on before you can do it for others. Learn how Ingrid is helping mission-driven and not-for-profit businesses actually become profitable so they can sustain the good work they do. Great insights on how to provide a consultative business in the mission driven industry, or any industry for that matter.

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Ingrid Heilke is the Founder and Principal of Viridian Analytics and a Profit First Professional. She blends her superpowers in finance, urban planning, and decision science to grow the profits of firms and professionals in the urban planning and design sector. As a financial consultant to small business entrepreneurs in San Francisco in the 2000’s, she provided operational clarity by developing financial management systems, providing process-improvement solutions, and supplying meticulous accounting services. As a financial analyst for Phineus Partners, a boutique investment advisory firm, she strengthened hedge fund investment strategies
through modeling and forecasting company fundamentals and industry trends.

Ingrid has broad exposure to the urban planning sector. She integrated city planning principals into the knowledge base of the US Environmental Protection Agency in ways that re-shaped the agency approach and priorities, foregrounding needs and objectives of municipal planners and stakeholders. While at EPA, she conducted social science research to investigate municipal-level objectives, priorities, and needs. She then applied this research to the development of decision
support tools and analytic processes to support community-level decision making. At the close of my contract with EPA in 2017, she decided to blend her skills in decision support and finance with her knowledge of public sector work and my dedication to impact and innovation.

Viridian Analytics was born to help grow the profitability and effectiveness (and thus increase the impact) of firms in the urban planning and design sector. Ingrid launched The Private Side of Public Work podcast in June of 2017. She also launched The PROFIT Side of Public Work blog that contains a weekly Profit Side Challenge, and on which she will explore some of the financial and fiscal intricacies of public work through interviews and research.

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