Jamie Beresford: Cyber Security for Accounting

Show Summary In this episode, Jamie Beresford, founder of Practice Protect, shares what cybersecurity means with the three pillars of cybersecurity. “Cyber security is not about data storage, it’s about data access. Hackers don’t hack, they trick. They trick users into divulging the information to use legitimate access to access systems illegitimately.” He also talks about email fraud and how technology is changing for CPAs. Toward the end of the episode, Jamie shares tips with our listeners on what you can use to help your team avoid having hackers trick you into accessing your information.
As CEO of the worlds most widely used cybersecurity platform for accountants, Jamie Beresford has decades of experience in the IT, cybersecurity and data security sectors. With a holistic view of digital security, few are as experienced and knowledgeable on accounting-firm-specific security needs than Jamie. Having spoken at conferences around the world, Jamie continues to dedicate his professional life to teaching and training accountants on avoiding cyber breaches (externally and internally), and leveraging the future of work.
Website: https://practiceprotect.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamie-beresford/ Corporate Partner:

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