Jeffrey Shaw: Self-Employed Life

Show Summary Jeffrey Shaw shares in this episode how he got the idea of writing a book about self-employment. He stresses that one of the core problems of being self-employed is that they don’t ask for help. His book, The Self-Employed Life, is an insightful book for self-driven individuals.
Take a listen to this episode and learn more with Jeffrey about Silo Mentality, Hug Marketing, the importance of calling yourself self-employed, and a whole lot more!

Jeffrey Shaw is often described as an authority and advocate for self-employed business owners, valued for his actionable and “in the trenches” approach to achieving business and life success. Why shouldn’t he be? How many people can say they’ve never worked for anyone else?

Selling eggs door-to-door at 14 years old led to a lifetime of self-employment. In his twenties, he built a portrait photography business and became one of the most sought-after portrait photographers for affluent families in the U.S. for more than three decades. His portraits have been on the Oprah Show, CBS News, featured in People and O Magazine and hang at Harvard University.

Today, Jeffrey is the author of LINGO and The Self-Employed Life, host of The Self-Employed Life podcast with nearly two-million downloads, and founder of the Self-Employed Business Institute.

His TEDx Talk is featured on, he’s a LinkedIn Learning instructor, contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and speaks at association events, entrepreneurial groups, and conferences.

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