Jeremie Kubicek: Unlocking the Potential of People

Show Summary

“The best leaders in the world fight for the highest good of those they lead.”

So says Jeremie Kubicek, Founder and Executive Chairman of GiANT, a technology company focused on unlocking the potential of people, teams, and organizations. In this episode, Jeremie shares with us what entrepreneurs can do to support and challenge their employees, providing them with what they each need to grow to achieve their highest potential.

Listen now to learn how to bring out the best out of your team members!

Jeremie Kubicek is a powerful communicator, serial entrepreneur and content builder. He creates content used by some of the largest companies around the globe found in the books he has authored: The 100X Leader, 5 Voices, 5 Gears and the National Bestseller, Making Your Leadership Come Alive.
Jeremie is the Executive Chairman of GiANT, a company that certifies coaches and consultants that serve companies and their employees. Jeremie has started over 20 companies while living in Oklahoma City, Moscow, Atlanta and London.


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