Joe Woodard: Scaling New Heights 2021

Show Summary This October, UNSTOPPABLE is the theme for Scaling New Heights 2021 to celebrate how unstoppable the professionals are and how to make them even more unstoppable. To be unstoppable, you must innovate and change. It’s about the determination, will, and ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment over the past decade. Joe Woodard discusses in this episode that if you want to stay in business, offer the same but different. PLUS IT UP! Joe challenges bookkeepers and tax preparers to create a plus level of their services which resets the pricing anchor. He also shares advice on what we can do to start positioning our businesses to be truly saleable. Listen to this podcast now and find out more about this exciting topic from Joe Woodard! It’s also not too late to register to attend Scaling New Heights 2021! Click here to sign up:     As an author, consultant, and national speaker, Joe has trained over 150,000 accounting professionals in small business coaching, practice development, changing technology trends, and maximizing the use of technology in their practices. Joe regularly publishes articles for AccountingWEB and Insightful Accountant, and Joe has been featured repeatedly in Accounting Today in articles, podcast/video interviews. Joe is the CEO of Woodard Events, LLC. In 2012, and 2014-2018, Joe was recognized by Accounting Today as one of the Top 100 Influencers within the Accounting Profession.   Websites: www.woodard.comonal LinkedIn: Twitter: @joewoodard

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