John Briggs: 3.3 Rule

Show Summary
In this episode, John Briggs, owner of Incite Tax, joins the “Grow My Accounting Practice” podcast. The discussion dissects prevalent myths hindering business growth, offering insights to debunk these misconceptions and facilitate sustainable growth. Addressing the issue of burnout, John provides practical tips for business owners teetering on the edge, emphasizing self-awareness and proactive strategies to combat burnout effectively. The importance of balancing stressors and self-care was underscored, emphasizing a balanced approach to mitigate burnout risks. John shares three actionable tips to proactively avoid burnout—prioritizing self-care, setting clear boundaries, and leveraging technology for efficiency. The conversation extends to recognizing burnout across industries, highlighting the need for tailored strategies and support systems for professionals in various sectors. This episode equips listeners with valuable insights to navigate business growth while preserving personal well-being. Dispelling myths, identifying burnout signs, and implementing effective strategies are essential for a successful and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.
John Briggs is the Owner of Incite Tax and is on a quest to protect unfairly treated taxpayers from massively overspending on taxes. His model and strategies that he’s taught for over a decade have given the practical steps to reach peoples financial goals much quicker.
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