John Drawdy & Kristen Griffin: Profit First in a Larger Business

Show Summary

In this episode, we are joined by two exceptional guests, John Drawdy, a seasoned Profit First Professional and the owner of Paragon, along with Kristen Griffin, also from Paragon. The focus of today’s discussion revolves around the application of Profit First principles in a larger business setting.

John and Kristen kick off the conversation by sharing their own Profit First victories, shedding light on how implementing this revolutionary financial approach has positively impacted their business, Paragon. They delve into the tangible benefits they’ve experienced firsthand, illustrating the transformative power of Profit First in optimizing cash flow and fostering financial health.

The discussion seamlessly transitions to Profit First victories for clients, with John and Kristen providing compelling examples of how the methodology has empowered their clients to achieve financial success. The real-world success stories shared in this episode serve as inspiration for accounting professionals seeking to integrate Profit First into their service offerings.

Firm goals take center stage as John and Kristen elaborate on incorporating Profit First into the overarching objectives of their practice. They discuss the synergy between Profit First principles and the strategic goals of a firm, emphasizing how this alignment can supercharge growth and sustainability.

Delegating is a crucial aspect of any business, and John and Kristen share their insights on how to effectively delegate tasks within the framework of Profit First. They provide practical advice on optimizing team efficiency while maintaining a Profit First mindset.

The episode concludes with a deep dive into incentive pay for production teams, exploring how aligning financial incentives with Profit First principles can drive motivation and enhance overall team performance. This episode is a must-listen for accounting professionals aiming to leverage Profit First in a larger business context and seeking actionable strategies for success. Tune in for a wealth of knowledge and practical tips from these Profit First experts at Paragon.

John Drawdy is an auditing, accounting, and tax professional with nearly 30 years of relevant experience. His expertise includes small business advising, internal control analysis concepts, and tax planning strategies. John holds a bachelors degree and an MBA from the University of South Carolina, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and is a Certified Tax Coach (CTC). John has taught both undergraduate and graduate-level accounting classes and (by special invitation) has written and edited questions for the CPA Exam.

John is an Advanced Certified Profit First Professional and has implemented the Profit First system in his business. His knowledge allows him to assist in guiding our clients through the implementation of the Profit First system in their business.

Kristen Griffin joined Paragon in 2019. She came to our firm with over a decade in public accounting experience. Her knowledge includes individual and small business taxes as well as financial statement preparation and analysis. Kristen is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She earned her Bachelor of Science from Reinhardt University in 2008 and her Master of Science in Accounting in 2016.

Kristen works closely with many of our small business owners on a regular basis and assists with supervising our staff accountants. Kristen is an Advanced Certified Profit First Professional who leverages the principles of Profit First and guides her clients through the implementation of the Profit First system in their business.

Kristen is originally from Ellijay. She and her husband moved to Woodstock in 2009, where they still reside with their daughter, Lily, and their younger twins, Lincoln and Lexi. Kristen enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, camping, and being outdoors.


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