Joshua & Ashlee Latimer: The Kid WarPlan Journal

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Success comes from systems. In this episode, Josh and Ashlee share what’s mutual with successful families and successful businesses. They both teach entrepreneurship to their kids at a young age, which will make a significant impact on their lives. They created a journal that teaches kids about mindset, leadership, and entrepreneurism. Why is it important? You’ll learn more by listening to this episode!     Josh And Ashlee are high school sweethearts, first-generation entrepreneurs who started their journey in a trailer park. They have lived in 2 different countries, speak broken Spanish, and are currently raising five children. Their number 1 passion is helping your entrepreneurial Family build wealth, become radically generous, and engineer a Family culture that changes the world. Some of their business accolades during their 19 years of marriage include building and selling 3 companies and launching a podcast with over 1,000,000 downloads. Currently, they are absentee owners of a multi-million dollar SaaS software company and a multi-million dollar coaching and education business in addition to owning equity in 7 other successful ventures ranging from local home services, marketing, and video production.   Website: Corporate Partner:

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