Juanjo Cervantes: Throughput Accounting

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Throughput accounting, based on the theory of constraints, is an easy way for non-financially-minded business owners to understand their business’s numbers and profitability. Juanjo explains how he uses throughput accounting alongside Profit First principles to help business owners make better management decisions and improve their business’s profitability. Juanjo Cervantes was the first Profit First Professional in Latin America. In his work as a consultant for SMEs, Juanjo found a common challenge among many business owners: Lack of financial knowledge drives them to make poor decisions…harming their profitability. His mission is to help business owners thrive through practical and simple tools that will provide their businesses with growth and sustainability. Juanjo lives in Monterrey, Mexico, with his wife, Pilar, and toddlers, Leonardo and Federico. Websites: www.theprofit.center

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