Karrie Jackson and Katie Robinette: How to Market When Identifying Your Niche

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Katie and Karrie went from having a side business to a successful full-time accounting and consulting business. In this episode, Katie and Karrie share how they met and started their business together. They both have a clear vision of what they want to make, which is one of the indicators they considered in determining that it’s time to quit their full-time jobs and go all in with their business. They ensure that the clients they take in are in line with their values. They want to help people and serve people, and they want to take in members who want to do the same. Their vision of who they want to work with has been evolving. Over the years, Katie and Karrie have been diving down to figure out what their niche is and who to market to. Now, they offer to target Millennial Entrepreneurs, and they are honing in an industry-specific niche. They changed their marketing strategies to a more personal approach, and it has been a game changer in their business since. Katie and Karrie also talk about the systems they put in place for making the marketing change they’ve been doing, which has had a greatly positive impact on their business. Profit First has been very significant to their business and the businesses of their clients, and they are going to share exactly how right here, right now.         KARRIE JACKSON Karrie Jackson bought her first business at age 24 and has owned several companies over the past 25 years. An entrepreneur at heart, she has a unique understanding of the challenges of owning a company. Her areas of specialty are dentistry, construction, and churches. Karrie started Evermore to help small businesses operate debt-free. She is certified in Profit First, Woodard Financial Advisory, TSheets PRO Advisor, Woodard Operational Advisory, and QuickBooks ProAdvisor. She lives with her husband of 31 years and her dog Harry in Blanchester, Ohio. KATIE ROBINETTE Katie Robinette’s first job out of college was running the books for a church outside Cincinnati, OH. Since then, she’s had the opportunity to work with many small businesses and nonprofits to find client-friendly solutions for challenges like payroll, taxes, and invoicing. She is a certified TSheets PRO Advisor and a certified expert in QuickBooks Online Software. She has a master’s degree in Accountancy from Xavier University and currently resides with her husband, dog, and cats in Goshen, OH.   Website:   Corporate Partner:

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