Kasey Anton: Helping Restaurant Owners to be More Intentional and Profitable

Show Summary
In today’s GMAP episode, we welcome Kasey Anton, a Profit First Professional and author of “Profit First for Restaurants.” Kasey shares her expertise in transforming restaurants into cash-making machines through the implementation of Profit First principles. With a background in the restaurant industry and experience as a business consultant, Kasey understands the unique challenges faced by restaurant owners. She emphasized the importance of understanding the business model, analyzing costs, and driving profitability through informed decision-making. Kasey’s direct approach in working with restaurant owners focuses on actionable steps to improve financial performance. By identifying areas of waste, reducing expenses, and implementing Profit First strategies, she helps restaurants become more financially efficient. Her book, “Profit First for Restaurants,” offers practical guidance tailored specifically to the restaurant industry. It provides actionable strategies to help owners effectively implement Profit First principles. Listeners gain valuable insights into financial management within the restaurant industry and learned practical strategies to improve profitability.
Kasey Anton, a spirited restaurant aficionado turned savvy business consultant, has an infectious passion for helping businesses master their numbers and build their dream companies. Embarking on a rollercoaster journey through the restaurant world, Kasey gained invaluable insights into the importance of cashflow and financial control. In 2008, she founded Spark Business Consulting and began transforming the lives of entrepreneurs. Kasey discovered the power of Profit First and, after implementing it in her own business with life-changing results, she’s now on a mission to make it a game-changer for others, particularly in the exhilarating restaurant industry. A proud and lively New Englander, you can find Kasey cheering at her kids’ sports events, indulging in captivating reads, exploring new destinations, and delighting in the ever-evolving local restaurant scene with gusto.
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