Kelley Brubaker: Reframing Sales Calls With Great Success

Show Summary
Welcome to the latest episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, where we sit down with Kelley Brubaker, a seasoned CPA and owner of Profit Scale Thrive. Kelley shares her journey of being self-employed for almost 20 years and the challenges she faced in providing services she didn’t enjoy due to her aversion to sales and rejection. During the episode, Kelley talks about her conversations with Ron Saharyan regarding the “Value Starts with Hello” framework. Implementing this approach gave her newfound confidence while engaging with potential clients, as she had unique and compelling questions that set her apart from other advisors and coaches. Kelley’s mindset shift regarding sales calls came after a conversation with fellow PFP Tara Newman, who introduced the concept of “curiosity calls” as an alternative to traditional sales calls. This change in terminology empowered Kelley to approach initial client conversations with a fresh perspective. The podcast delves into how Kelley combined the “Value Starts with Hello” framework with “Curiosity Calls,” leading to a powerful and effective approach in client interactions. Kelley also shares her organizational strategy, utilizing the app “Fellow,” to create agendas, take private notes, and make to-do lists during meetings. She developed a template agenda that encompasses the entire “Value Starts with Hello” framework, highlighting her favorite questions while leaving room for backup questions. This enables her to conduct thorough research before the call and document critical details directly on the agenda, keeping her notes readily accessible during discussions. Join us in this insightful episode as Kelley Brubaker shares her invaluable experiences, strategies, and transformational approaches to client interactions as a CPA.
Kelley Brubaker, hailing from Akron, Ohio, is the proprietor of Profit Scale Thrive, a reputable CPA and Advisory firm. Her clientele primarily consists of service-based companies, with a core focus on solo attorneys who are single parents. Being a single parent herself to two daughters, Kelley empathizes with the unique work-life challenges faced by single-parent business owners. Kelley’s expertise lies in cutting through the overwhelming complexities that often frustrate her clients. She collaborates closely with them to unravel their financials, pinpoint areas for improvement, and devise straightforward yet potent strategies that foster increased profitability and growth. Additionally, Kelley takes the role of a podcast host on the renowned Profit Scale Thrive podcast.  
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