Kimberly Ransom: Profit First For Sports

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In this episode, Kimberly Ransom shares about her area of expertise: sports membership clubs. She also talks about how COVID affected the industry and how accountants can better serve the players in this industry. Also, listen to Kim’s Profit First testimony and why she thinks it is important to get involved as a Profit First Professional.   Kimberly Ransom is a gymnastics professional and entrepreneur, building a portfolio of industry work including 20 years of coaching, owning two gymnastics facilities, starting and selling a gymnastics retail subscription box company, and creating a competitive apparel line for women’s Olympic weightlifting.  She is currently the co-host of a sweet and salty gymnastics business podcast, The Gym Fix, along with co-host Sarah Fennell-Cooper of Happy Gymnastics. Today, you can find Kim working with other gym owners as a business coach and strategist at Kimberly Ransom Coaching. If that weren’t enough to stay busy, she is also the owner of the Pittsburgh Athletics Center, home of Pittsburgh Barbell Club where she is an L2 coach for 40 athletes. In her spare time, she enjoys participating in the sport of Olympic weightlifting as a Master’s lifter, National Referee, and USAW NGC Board Member. Kim has two kids, a husband, and a cat named Cookie at home.   Website: Facebook: Podcast:

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