Kiné Corder: Mastering Money, Emotions, and Mentality for Advisors

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In today’s episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, we welcome Kiné Corder, the leading National Certified Counselor specializing in Performance Financial Hypnotherapy. Kiné delves into the reasons why clients often get stuck or lose focus on their financial goals. She explains that emotional factors and deep-seated money beliefs play significant roles in this stagnation. By understanding these underlying issues, financial professionals can better assist their clients in overcoming obstacles and staying committed to their financial plans. Kiné shares practical strategies that financial professionals can implement to help their clients get unstuck. She emphasizes the importance of addressing the most common money emotions, such as fear, guilt, and shame, which frequently hinder clients from reaching their full financial potential. Kiné introduces her innovative SelfSync Therapy, a systematic therapeutic process designed to help individuals align their mental and emotional states with their financial goals. This approach not only helps clients move past their financial blocks but also empowers them to achieve peak performance in their financial endeavors. In the final segment, Kiné discusses how the financial industry is evolving in the post-pandemic world. She highlights the increasing importance of mental health and emotional well-being in financial planning. As clients navigate new economic realities, financial professionals must adapt by incorporating holistic approaches that address both the financial and emotional aspects of their clients’ lives. Kiné’s insights provide valuable guidance for professionals looking to support their clients in a more comprehensive and impactful way.
Kiné Corder, the leading National Certified Counselor specializing in Performance Financial Hypnotherapy for athletes and investors, serves as the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle, a mental health company known for delivering fast, long-lasting results. In 2014, Kiné shifted her practice by merging her extensive knowledge from her former position at Morgan Stanley as a Financial Planning Specialist with her clinical mental health counseling training. This integration led to the creation of SelfSync Therapy, a systematic therapeutic process designed to address the unique challenges preventing individuals from achieving peak performance and their full financial potential. Using SelfSync Therapy, Kiné speaks to and consults with trusted advisors such as financial professionals, attorneys, and agents who represent the same clients she works with in her private practice. She remains committed to her mission of alleviating the human suffering associated with money by reshaping the way mental health is viewed and administered. Dedicated to privacy and specialized expertise, Kiné established SelfSync Society to offer a curated membership that combines her SelfSync Therapy system with access to her extensive international network of professionals. Today, Kiné will share what it takes to master the intersection between money, emotions, physicality, and mentality. She will also reveal the one question every trusted advisor should ask their clients, a question that keeps clients progressing and deeply committed to their plans.  
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