Laurence Whittam: Optimizing Outsourcing/Offshoring

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In this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Laurence Whittam, the Founder and Managing Director of Impact Global Solutions. With extensive expertise in outsourcing, specifically tailored for accountants and businesses seeking to optimize their client management processes, Laurence shared valuable insights and experiences. The discussion begins by delving into the origins of Impact Global Solutions and its fundamental mission. Laurence shed light on why he founded the company, underlining the drive to create a platform that simplifies and enhances outsourcing for businesses, especially in the accounting sector. One of the focal points of the conversation is the exploration of the manifold benefits tied to outsourcing. Laurence elucidates the advantages that businesses can derive from efficient outsourcing practices, emphasizing the potential for increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to focus on core competencies. However, outsourcing isn’t without its challenges, and Laurence didn’t shy away from addressing them. He outlines some of the most common hurdles that businesses encounter when engaging in outsourcing, providing valuable insights to navigate and mitigate these challenges effectively. Determining the right time for a business to transition into outsourcing is another key area of discussion. Laurence shares his expertise on the readiness indicators, enabling businesses to recognize when they are primed for the outsourcing journey, ensuring a seamless integration into their operations. Lastly, Laurence offers a glimpse into the future, discussing emerging trends in the outsourcing landscape. He explores how the dynamics of outsourcing are evolving and predicts future trends that businesses should be aware of to stay ahead of the curve. Overall, this episode provides a comprehensive understanding of the world of outsourcing, offering listeners key takeaways to consider when contemplating or optimizing their outsourcing strategies.
Laurence Whittam, Founder and Managing Director of Impact Global Solutions is an Outsourcing Expert for accountants and businesses looking to utilize outsourced talent. With a wealth of expertise and a passion for driving transformative growth, Laurence empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of outsourcing and build successful international teams. Their deep industry knowledge and strategic guidance have helped countless businesses overcome staffing challenges and achieve sustainable growth. As a featured speaker and trusted advisor, Laurence brings a unique perspective to the podcast, sharing invaluable insights and practical strategies for leveraging outsourcing as a game-changer in today’s dynamic business landscape. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with actionable tips as Laurence takes the stage to share their expertise on optimizing outsourcing and unlocking your firm’s true potential.
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