Lee Manning: Implementing Advisory Services In a Large Firm

Show Summary

Does implementing advisory services and scaling them in your large accounting firm seem like an insurmountable challenge? Does getting buy-in from your partners seem impossible? In this episode, Lee Manning shares the steps his large firm, Raffingers, has taken to scale and truly make an impact on the lives of their team and their clients. Lee Manning is a partner at Raffingers, a Top 100 accountancy practice in the UK that specializes in recruitment, property, charity, music, media, and entertainment. Lee has been at Raffingers for more than 30 years, since he was a boy in short trousers. His passion is helping clients succeed, grow, and be cash rich. As one of a few Certified Profit First Professionals in the UK, Lee and his team make a positive difference to owner-managed businesses. Lee specializes in helping recruitment companies from start ups to multi office agencies and is Raffingers’ inhouse webinar guru. Websites: www.raffingers.co.uk

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