Leslie Liondas: How Clockworking My Business Has Changed My Life

Show Summary
Leslie Liondas, CPA, is with us to tell us about how she implemented Clockwork strategies in her business to improve efficiency–and how you can, too!
Leslie knows the importance of having the right mindset in being able to get out of our own way, and today she busts for us the myth that working harder and longer is how to grow your business. She shares with us how to start delegating to your team, how to identify and focus on the ideal clients for your business and weed out the rest, and how–with proper preparation–taking a vacation away from your business can empower your entire team.
If running your business makes you feel like an overworked corporate employee rather than a savvy entrepreneur, you want to listen to this episode!
  Leslie Liondas is the owner of Leslie Liondas, CPA, PLLC where she helps other accountants and bookkeepers get their $H*T together through her mentoring program, Profit First Consulting, and outsourced bookkeeping services. Her goal is to help accountants and bookkeepers work towards their ideal business. She loves helping other accountants and bookkeepers enjoy their business again! Website: https://liondascpa.com/

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