Louie Prosperi & Michael Palmer: Successful Bookkeeper Summit

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Start becoming the authority in your industry, be the spokesperson, build a community, and bring in the expert and facilitate it. The Successful Bookkeeper Summit is a digital platform designed for professional bookkeepers and accountants who want to expand and grow their businesses. Listen to this episode to learn more about the Successful Bookkeeper Summit with Louie and Michael.  
  Louie Prosperi is a former CEO of bookkeeping certification bodies such as IPBC (now CPB Canada), ICB USA and COO of ICB Global. He’s also been a consultant and business strategist for accounting firms and he’s the host of The Successful Bookkeeper podcast’s Spotlight episodes where he’s interviewed Value Pricing expert, Ron Baker and Sage Accountants Solutions, Senior Director, Ed Kless to name a few. Michael Palmer is the host of The Successful Bookkeeper podcast which is one of the top bookkeeper podcasts in the world. He’s also the CEO of Pure Bookkeeping North America.   Website: https://community.thesuccessfulbookkeeper.com/events/tsb-summit Corporate Partner:

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