Megan Hale: Having a Successful Affiliate Course Launch

Show Summary

In this episode, Megan Hale shares that a successful affiliate course launch is led by delivering high value, showing up as if your audience is already a paying client, and generating buzz or celebrating a huge milestone. She also points out what she would have done differently to have even bigger results. Listen to this podcast to learn more on how to build an attractive affiliate program that gets people excited and involved!   Megan Hale is Profit First®️ Business Strategist & Money Mentor for equity driven entrepreneurs ready to step into #feelgoodmoney & create sustainable, aligned business growth. As a former psychotherapist with a soulful perspective, she brings a rich business acumen that expertly blends both practical and intuitive strategy with the how-to of money to help you consciously create a business that intentionally funds your dreams.  Her raved-about Money Map has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs deepen into money mastery in a feel good way! With a special emphasis on empowering women identifying entrepreneurs into their next level of growth, she regularly podcasts on the intersections of business, money, psychology, and leadership with a focus on leveraging entrepreneurship, especially as a White woman, to build a more equitable world. She’s currently based in Omaha, NE, is an Air Force spouse & mama to two boys. Connect with her at for free Feel Good Money goodies that will rock your world!   Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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