Melanie Power: Helping Women Achieve Financial Independence and Security

Show Summary

Join us as we talk with Melanie Power about helping women achieve their financial goals. We discuss:
  • The biggest obstacle to financial independence most women face and how to overcome it
  • The importance of having a vision and values
  • Fear of pricing and sales
  • How to tackle imposter syndrome
We also chat about the future of the accounting and bookkeeping, and how to position ourselves to leverage current trends in the industry.
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Mel Power is a serial entrepreneur and business leader known for her coaching programs for women and bookkeepers, empowering them to Command The Price They Deserve. She is an advocate for emerging technologies in bookkeeping and accounting and helped build advisor communities across the globe in her role as Global Head of Bookkeeping at software giant, Xero. She is a business columnist for MYOB Australia, and a champion and mentor to female entrepreneurs with a passion for sharing her knowledge openly with local women in business. She recently signed a book deal aimed at supporting small business owners and has launched her hugely successful business into the US market. Mel loves her two cats, plays the piano, and satisfies her inner foodie by supporting and sampling the culinary delights of local businesses in the Hunter Valley.

“Anything is possible if you put your mind to it then take the action” –Melanie Power

“The experience of being uncomfortable, remind us of the comforts of being comfortable” –Melanie Power


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