Mike Agugliaro: How To Think Differently To Grow

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Mike spoke at Profit Con 2022 and shared a powerful and transformational mind growth strategy while engaging a room full of financial professionals and business owners. In this episode, Mike shares how he, as a speaker, triggers transformation from his audiences by bringing their similar experiences and traumas to light where everyone can relate. He also speaks about the secret sauces of personal growth and development.

Mike is on a mission to transform humanity.

He started his professional career as a struggling electrician who went on to grow two 8-figure businesses that he sold within five years of each other.

Today, Mike runs two companies — a personal peak performance company and a business investment firm. From these two companies he will impact a million people or more in 100 countries or more in 10 years or less.

He is an engaging speaker who has spoken all over the world, earning thousands of dollars to speak. He captivates small and large audiences of every age and profession, including blue collar contractors, dentists, doctors, automotive professionals, financial professionals, IT professionals, and even more than 4,000 high school students at a national conference.

Mike is a fearless and engaging speaker who will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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