Mike Milan: Cash Flow On The Go!

Show Summary In this engaging episode, we sit down with Mike Milan, a dynamic expert in business coaching and advisory services. Mike shares his journey and insights, touching on key points that have shaped his path in the world of accounting and coaching. Mike delves into the exciting partnership between Profit First and his advisory programs, discussing the natural alignment between the two programs and the enhanced value they bring to businesses. He also reflects on his personal evolution from skepticism about coaching programs to embracing them as powerful tools. Mike highlights how a structured process can streamline and enhance business practices, bridging the gap between academic mathematics and practical application. As he discusses his transition from a traditional role to becoming a full-time coach, Mike shares how he identified the needs of business owners and developed services that resonated with them. He introduces the Clear Path To Cash Professional program, an end-to-end advisory services program designed for implementation within 90 days. Mike elaborates on its structure and the transformative benefits it offers to business owners. Join us for an enlightening conversation with Mike Milan as he shares his insights, experiences, and the innovative strategies that are shaping the future of advisory services in the accounting industry. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on how to elevate your accounting practice and provide exceptional value to your clients.
Introducing Cash Flow Mike: The Maverick of Money Mastery! With 20+ years of professional experience in strategic planning, finance, and sales, Mike Milan, aka Cash Flow Mike, has earned his reputation as a legendary figure in business. From transforming startups into thriving enterprises to uncovering hidden cash in your business using financial statements, Mike’s expertise knows no bounds. As an author, Mike has penned two groundbreaking books, revealing the secrets of maximizing cash flow: “The 7 Minute Conversation” and “Don’t Be A DUMB Business Owner.” He has also created the revolutionary training program “The Clear Path To Cash,” empowering entrepreneurs with eight powerful lessons to navigate any business situation. Not only that, Mike has pioneered cutting-edge FinTech software products like CashFlowTool, Finagraph, and Path by Simplex, revolutionizing financial management for businesses. Alongside co-hosting the popular podcast “Mike & Blaine,” he imparts invaluable insights and lessons learned exclusively through the entrepreneurial journey. Get ready to join Cash Flow Mike on an extraordinary journey to master your money and conquer the world of business, as he inspires and empowers business owners to get, grow, and keep more cash in their businesses.
Websites: https://cashflowmike.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/theclearpathtocash Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecashflowmike/ Corporate Partner:

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