Mike Milan: Cash Flow Strategies

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In this episode, Mike shares the details of Clear Path To Cash. It consists of eight financial concepts aimed at helping businesses maximize their cash in various situations.

Mike asserts his ability to analyze a company’s financial statements in 7 minutes or less, thanks to his creation of The Home Run Financial System, a comprehensive technique that covers all essential aspects.

His website boasts about his success in uncovering over $150 million in hidden cash for his clients. To illustrate, in January alone, he utilized a technique called Mining Your Business For Hidden Cash, resulting in the discovery of over $1.5 million. This method involves six calculations centered around three Cash Generating Activities and three Cash Conversion Activities specific to one’s business.

In his book, Mike introduces the term D.U.M.B., which characterizes business owners who Don’t Understand My Business. Surprisingly, Mike himself once fell into this category and experienced many of the situations outlined in the book.

Throughout his career, Mike has extensively collaborated with bankers. He acknowledges their frustrations when working with small business owners, which include concerns regarding loyalty, liquidity, timeliness, and the preparation of their clients.

After building a successful high-growth hotel staffing company, Mike ran into a severe cash flow problem. He had maxed out his credit cards and taken out a home equity loan to make payroll while waiting to be paid by his clients. The stress and anxiety of this situation propelled Mike to learn everything he could about small business cash flow, ultimately transforming him into Cash Flow Mike.

Despite his success on paper, there simply wasn’t any money in the bank. If you have ever lost sleep wondering if you would be able to pay bills or make payroll, The Clear Path To Cash Community Immersion Program is for you. Learn the secrets of cash flow and start building a lifestyle-friendly business today.







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