Moshe Amsel: Growing Your Business with Virtual Events

Show Summary How can one generate revenue through virtual events? In this episode, Moshe shares with us how he does this and how he was able to raise over $100,000 in sponsorship for his events. Moshe also discusses why we need an abundance mindset and why we should not be afraid of competition. Learn more about some tips and tricks on how to get started or improve your virtual events!

Moshe Amsel is the host of the Profit with Law Podcast and the Law Firm Growth Summit. He helps law firm owners grow their practice with a focus on creating generational wealth. As a married loving husband and father of 6 children ranging from 23 years to a baby he is very familiar with the struggles of running a successful business and still prioritizing his family.

Moshe has 20 years experience in the IT industry as a business executive. He has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing, having closed over $30 million in sales in a single year. In addition to Profit with Law, Moshe also owns an accounting practice, DreamBuilder Financial, where he helps clients with business advisory and tax strategy services.

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