Moshe Amsel: Leading an Industry Through Change

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Moshe Amsel discusses in this episode how the market shifts: Is the shift incremental and slow – even though it’s constant – and therefore unnoticeable, or do we see it as big burning blips where we know when it’s time to change? He also shares in this episode what he did at the start of the pandemic to help the industry he serves and how he recognized the underlying challenges in the industry before the pandemic and now.     Moshe Amsel is the host of the Profit with Law Podcast and the Law Firm Growth Summit. He helps law firm owners grow their practice with a focus on creating generational wealth. As a husband and father of five children ranging from three to 21 years of age, he is very familiar with the struggles of running a successful business while still prioritizing his family. In addition to Profit with Law, Moshe also owns an accounting practice, DreamBuilder Financial, where he helps clients with business advisory and tax strategy services. Moshe also has 20 years of experience in the IT industry as a business executive and extensive experience in Sales and Marketing, having closed over $30 million in sales in a single year. Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:

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