Nicole Bendig-Lamb: Baking Your Way To The Top: How to Start & Grow Your Own Home-Based Baking Business

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In this riveting episode of the “Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast,” we are joined by Nicole Bendig-Lamb, the innovative force behind Snarky Sweet Cake Chick, LLC. Nicole takes us through her entrepreneurial odyssey, underscoring the transformative impact of Profit First and the Pumpkin Plan on her flourishing home-based business. Her story unfolds as a testament to the profound mindset shifts and strategic approaches that have propelled her to remarkable success.

Nicole’s unconventional approach to training her “competitors” sparks curiosity and challenges traditional business paradigms. She shares insights into the collaborative spirit that underpins her decision, shedding light on the unexpected benefits of fostering a supportive community within her industry. The episode delves into the power of collaboration over competition, emphasizing the collective growth that arises from a shared commitment to excellence.

The conversation further unravels Nicole’s motivation behind penning her book, “Baking Your Way To Top: How to Start & Grow Your Own Home-Based Baking Business.” By distilling her experiences into a comprehensive guide, Nicole aims to empower aspiring entrepreneurs in the home-based baking niche. Her commitment to transparency shines through as she candidly discusses her pitfalls and mistakes, offering invaluable lessons that resonate with anyone navigating the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship. Tune in for a captivating exploration of Nicole’s entrepreneurial journey and gain practical insights for your own business endeavors.

Baking has always been Nicole’s passion, but it hasn’t always been her career. Like many hobby bakers, she always wanted to have her own home-based baking business, but she instead followed a more traditional career path.

Nicole studied Accounting at Metro State University of Denver, where she completed the coursework to sit for the CPA exam. After working most of her adult career in Public Accounting, she decided that becoming a CPA was not her true calling, She decided instead to follow her dream of becoming a full-time cake artist.

She now owns a successful home-based business, Snarky Sweet Cake Chick, LLC where she creates epic cake designs for her clients. When she’s not baking, she dedicates her time to educating and inspiring other hobby bakers on the business side of baking as a Certified Fix This Next Advisor and Certified Profit First Professional. She was named the 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Arvada Colorado Chamber of Commerce and is also the Author of the Best Selling Book, Baking Your Way To Top: How to Start & Grow Your Own Home-Based Baking Business.


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