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There is something that is essential to growing your accounting practice and that’s properly leveraging resources. In this episode, Jennifer explains how to invest in outside resources to make sure that your accounting or bookkeeping practice is positioned for optimal growth. 

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Jennifer Juguilon-Hottle, president of J2H Consulting, helps creative business owners get control of their finances. Over her 15 years as a consultant and as a Certified Profit First Coach with Profit First Professionals, she’s seen how much stress money can cause an entrepreneur first-hand. Sadly, she’s seen a lot of great businesses fail to succeed because they don’t “understand numbers” or have a degree in finance or accounting. It doesn’t need to be this way!

Jennifer has helped countless businesses in numerous industries including video game design & development, medical practices, and even SuperHero leagues (no not really, but that would be way cool) to develop clear and simple systems to help them pay themselves, run profitable companies, and breath a sigh of relief come April 15th. With experience in business plan creation, financial and industry analysis, cash management, human resources, budgeting, and creative problem solving, Jennifer helps her clients create strategic money plans while tackling the day-to-day of running a business.

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Websites: j2hconsulting.com

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